Contrasts of Nature
The art of photography is not to take photos but to see an image before actually making it.
Sometimes you need to adjust your path to arrive safely to your objectives.
Taking an approach to look at architecture purely from a functional perspective.
Konopiste is another medieval castle I visited recently which has captured my eye some long time ago. I'd like to visit again when the tress have warmed up a little. how do you like this angle with the backdrop view ?
Sheltered behind a tree, tripod anchored to the ground, making this image with the high flying clouds took more than just patience. This is a 30 seconds long exposure with ND10 mounted to make this effect. I was waiting for such weather.
I observe you from above and wonder whether you have inherited the right species. But I also wonder how lasting your patience will be with these inhabitants who keep treating you with so much dis-respect.
Earth and it's Art
Winters in Malta
Malta Fortifications of the Knights of the Order of St John
Shot from the past visit to Moritzburg Castle, frontal shot.
It was not the warmth of the sun but the thoughts about you that keep me alive. @reubenchircop
Strenght in not eternal but this fort definately defied it for the past centuries. In this highly seismic area I wonder if this magnificent fort will survive the centuries to come. Civitella Del Tronto, Abrusso Region, Italy.
As the sun sets, the shadows get longer, the paths shine, the mountains set for another day and the winds calm down, whilst the low grass dances with the melody, in the background the harmony of the sea.
E l'vento soffiava, nessun figura da vedere altro che la bellezza delle montagne e la pace della solitudine.
In nature everything has a reason, and what to our eyes might seem like a flaw, in nature it is a function that keeps the balance for all species.
Have you ever wondered that every cloud is unique. There is no cloud that has ever appeared before in the same exact shape or size, since the beguning of time.
Along the planes, through the rural pathways, every hill seemed to hide behind it another marvellous view almost like an enchantment,
In the absence of everything I found my Self.
Through the water path I encountered several difficulties but the worst was yet to come. This is one of the shots taken whilst visiting this wonderful region in Slovakia. I now understand why they call it Slovak Paradise.
As seen by our flying friends.
Creations from nature
Whilst taking this shot I did not realize the cracked formation beneath. it is the clay bed of the lake which is usually empty for the winter months. this creates air pockets as the clay beneath starts drying up and so this martian like terrain is created. I imagined the future of mars being similar with few islands of green.
I was longing for the right weather and right day to come a shoot this beautiful castle. Video of a fly pass can be found here -
Another day another Castle, this time in the Czech Republic, just a few kilometers off the wonderfull capital of Prague.
Another flyby of yet another castle this time one of my favourites that I like to visit often.
As winter by winter goes by the sun never seems to come through, the trees bare and the skies meet the land without a view of the horizon. where is it ?
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